I bought the Fresh Linen wax melts and they smell really good. They are nice and strong. 

              -----Brittany, KY

I used the smoke shoppe soy candle for the first time today in my open 2 car garage and could smell it outside. It was so fragrant. I love this thing!            ---------Steven, KY

Loved everything I bought. Thanks

     -------Stacy, NY

The body oil is amazing. The blackberry vanilla smells so good and I have received a lot of compliments. 

   ------Pam, KY

I purchased the body oil and I can not get enough of it. I bought raspberry vanilla and it smells so good. I'm not ashy and my skin feels smooth. I thought I could only use lotion because my skin is so dry.

    --------Brenda, CA

The candles I bought smell so good. They really last and burn a long time. I will be back for more. I love bakery scents and these make you want to eat them.

                -------James, KY

The sexy candle for men smells like cologne. Very impressed. This would be great if they would actually make this as a cologne.

                                  ----David, IN

Share with others your purchases and what you think (We would love to know too). Email us 

at FineButtersandScrubs@yahoo.com along with the permission to share and you will see it here. 

The Orange Danish candle is my absolute favorite. Not only can you smell the orange but I was pleasantly surprised how well you can smell the danish. The sweet smell of a danish cooking, oh this smells so good. 

          ------DaShawnda, KY


I bought the Kentucky Bourbon candle and it is yummy. I smell the bourbon with a hint of maple. It is not at all what I expected in a good way. The candles are simple and chic, a great compliment to my home.

      --------Deonna, CA

I didn't know anything about this store. You never know so I only bought a candle. It was a pleasant surprise. Quality product and the smell filled the room.

      -------Janice, GA

Fast shipping 

      ---Anonymous, IN


...Your company solved a problem for me--great wax melts that scent my entire home at an affordable rate with quality ingredients..hard not to be excited about that!

​        -------Marie, AR

The peppermint wax melts smell so good. I purchased one and had to come back and order several more. 

      ------Debbie, IN

I loved every candle I bought but my favorite is Hansel and Gretel. You really have a good thing going here.

    -----Jaymee, KY

Received the body oil in raspberry vanilla as a free gift. Smells great and last all day. Legs are soft and smooth. I even received a compliment from a complete stranger how great my legs look. It is now my new favorite oil.

          ------Erica, KY

I bought the (Pamper Your Home) gift set from Christmas and loved it. Everything smelled amazing, really good and strong. Thank you

​    ----Hailey, TN

The Pumpkin Cheesecake candle is my favorite. It smells amazing. That little candle filled my whole living room. 

          ----Tanae, GA