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 Tuscan Wine

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Nourishing your skin just became a whole lot easier and efficient. A blend of superior ingredients like cocoa butter and oatmeal milk and honey, come together to transform your everyday bath into a luxurious bathing experience. No added scent, just enjoy the scent of the cocoa butter along with the honey. Just drop one truffle into your bath, allow the truffle to melt, then soak, relax and moisturize. Let our premium bath milk truffles work their magic.  Handmade in KY, Sold in a set of 4 truffles, Price $20.00 set

Bath Milk Truffle

Dark Chocolate

Cabernet Sauvignon

Bath Milk Truffles

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Valentine's Wax Melt Sample Set

Featured Product--January

These 1 oz wax melts are highly fragrant with premium fragrance oils. Receive four wax melt samples that are blended with scents for Valentine's Day. The set will contain Absinthe(blackberry, amber), Instinct(musk, pepper, vanilla), Smokey Vanilla (sandalwood, vanilla, smoke) and Cabernet(grapes, wine).   Handmade in Ky, soy wax, Price $8.00 each set  *** One Day only Sale $5.00 each set ***

Syrah (red wine, pepper)

Cashmere ( musk, vanilla, lime, patchouli)

Fall in love with these candles in the scents of the season. These candles smell exactly what you have in mind when you think of Valentine's Day. Chocolate, vanilla, almond, red wine, cherries and more are a few of the scents blended together to bring amazing scented candles to transform your home. Let us help set the mood.   Soy wax, cotton wick, premium fragrance oils, handmade in KY, 8 oz. Price: $15.00 each

Better Than Sex Cake

Oud: Expensive, Luxury, Musk, Light Clean Scent

Orange Danish: California Orange, Clementines, Butter, Vanilla

Urban Rose: Bergamot, Cardamom, Rose, Sweet Wood

Pumpkin Cheesecake: Pumpkin, Cinnamon, French Vanilla

Fudge Brownie: Fudge Sauce, Vanilla, Chocolate

Banana Nut: Ripe Banana, Orange, Pecan, Cinnamon