Oud (Luxury, Highly Prestigious, Sweet Musk)

Fine Butters and Scrubs

Candle Scent of the Month

Me Thyme ( cedar, thyme, lavender, herbal scent)

Featured Product--February

Fudge Brownie

Dark Chocolate Lip Scrub/Vanilla Lip Balm

Serenity (Apple, Lemon, Lime, Water Lilly, Musk)

​Caramel Lip Scrub/Vanilla Lip Balm

​Urban Rose (Cardamom, Bergamot, Violet, refreshing woodsy scent)

Lip Care Kit

A must have to keep lips soft and smooth. Whether you are in elements that are cold and windy or warm and dry, you must take care of one of the thinest parts of the face, the part that is most exposed to the elements. A Shea Butter base lip scrub blended with olive and avocado oil help to add a touch of luxury along with care. Pair this amazing scrub with an after care moisturizer, vanilla lip balm, with a coconut oil base. These two together used twice a week or when needed will be all that is necessary before using your favorite lipstick, matte lipstick, lip stain or can be used on it's own.  Lanolin free, Made in Ky        Kit (one 2 oz lip scrub, 1 lip balm) price $12.00 each

This amazingly delicious Fudge Brownie candle from the Irma Lee Bakery Candle collection is the scent of the month for February. The rich, sweet, deep chocolate scent comes alive in this 8 oz candle that will have you looking around for the real thing. Indulge if you dare. Soy wax, cotton wick, Handmade in KY        CSOTM Special Price $12.00  Net wt 8 oz


Soy wax candles that are handmade with relaxation in mind. Selectively handpicked scents that are mixed together to aid in the ritual to calm, soothe and help you wind down at the end of a busy day. These are high quality candles that will allow you to focus with balance and tranquility. These sleek 12 oz candles will not only be a beautiful home decor, but they burn clean and fill a room with enticing fragrances. Hand poured, made in KY, cotton wick   Net wt 12 oz   Introductory Price: $18.00


White Chocolate Lip Scrub/Vanilla Lip Balm