Pink Tube/Vanilla Scent

Interval 4 oz

Musk 8 oz

Fine Butters and Scrubs

Ideal 4 oz(Masculine  Scent) Patchouli, ginger, peppercorn, peppermint

Sandalwood 12 oz

Musk 4 oz

Unscented 12 oz

Banana Pudding 4 oz

     Shea Butter Body Scrub

Ideal 8 oz (Masculine Scent) Patchouli, ginger, peppercorn, peppermint

GingerSnap 4 oz

Unscented 4 oz

Oatmeal Milk and Honey 4 oz

Moisturizing Lip Balm

Rich blend of seven skin loving oils blended together to keep you soft, moisturized and looking amazing. Can be used after bath, shower, bath oil, hot oil treatment for the hair or beard grooming for the men. This body oil will exceed all of your expectations with just one use. 

Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Argon Oil, Vitamin E, JoJoba Oil, Olive Oil, Flax Seed, Avocado Oil, Fragrance

Net. Wt   4 oz $10.00  or  8 oz $18.00 each

Oud 4 oz (Luxury, Clean, Sweet Musk)

Black Raspberry Vanilla 4 oz


Black Raspberry Vanilla 8 oz

Banana Pudding 12 oz

Sexy 4 oz (Masculine Scent) cedar, musk, jasmine, cinnamon

Interval 8 oz 

Oud 8 oz (Luxury, Clean, Sweet Musk)

Native Sandalwood 8 oz (warm, sweet, woodsy)

Black Tube/Vanilla Scent

Shea butter body scrub exfoliates to help provide temporary relief to dry, irritated, itchy skin.  This wonderful thick, butter and oil rich scrub is ideal for any season. It is an essential part of your skincare routine to help all this yummy goodness to sink into your skin for your skin which will lead to moisturized and smooth skin that lasts through washings. Pamper yourself and your skin with this vitamin rich wonder.    

Net wt.     4 oz $12.00     12 oz $20.00 

Native Sandalwood 4 oz ​(warm sweet, woodsy)

Multi Use Body Oil

Unscented 4 oz

Sandalwood 4 oz

Unscented 8 oz

Handmade nourished skincare for nourished, moisturized skin. #FineButtersandScrubs

Sexy 8 oz (Masculine Scent) cedar, musk, jasmine, cinnamon

Lip balm that glides and moisturizes, yes it does exist. This tube is full of nourishing ingredients fit to keep lips kissably soft and supple smooth. Coconut oil, Shea butter base makes this lip balm melt as soon as it is applied. Transform your dry lips in any season. Vanilla flavor/scent

 Net Wt .15 oz     Price: $2.00 each

Oatmeal Milk and Honey 12 oz

GingerSnap 12 oz