​  We are a small, family based business from KY dedicated to make good quality products that will help nourish your skin and level-up your "me time" experience. We are not an all natural company but we do work diligently to bring the best ingredients together (premium fragrance oils, some organic ingredients, a few essential oils) and with extensive research, combine them to bring out the best in your skin as well as your home. 
  The name Fine Butters and Scrubs came to be because I wanted a name of the company that mirrored what I love, music and beauty. My daughter, husband, son and I were all sitting around the dinning room table trying to think of the name of the business. My daughter, at that time, was in college with a Major in Music Education stated that we should name the company Fine. She informed us that Fine (Fee-Nay) was an Italian musical command that means end/finished. It marks the end of a composition or movement. It was also a play on the name since the spelling can be listed as Fine ( of superior or best quality). I instantly knew it was perfect. It is perfect either way you say it, Fine or Fine (Fee-Nay), as long as you are speaking about us. Our goal is that we are the end of your search for quality products with superior customer service. God Bless You